Thursday, 10 July 2014

Holiday Photo Blog

Quick Random Blog...

EDIT: This posted after I came home..still... enjoy!

Currently hanging out in Lanzarote doing the holiday thing :-D

Just climbed a mountain today...well a volcano. Will post pictures of that escapade later.

In meantime here are some pics of less energetic holidaying...
Mum, David, & Aloe Vera
Lauren Contemplating
I am NOT posing!!
"Go Away!" & "I Can't See You!"

Sunday, 19 January 2014

Coming Soon!!

Lost Mojo Search is On!!


It has been sometime since we last met, welcome.
All will be revealed in time.

For now, just know.. I'm on my way back!!

Friday, 8 April 2011

Fuck Yeah Glasgow • FYGlasgow

"Fuck Yeah Glasgow is a site dedicated to sharing all things great about Glasgow, Scotland."
FYGlasgow is always looking for submissions of Glasgow related content from our followers & beyond…
e.g: If you have, or have seen, any good pics, video, links, stories, music, events etc relating to Glasgow OR anything of your own…
It doesn’t have to be something profound/wonderful/spectacular… just please submit it to the site & we’ll check it out…
As long as it relates to Glasgow of course! :-)
{Not all content is original, where possible attribution has been given. We will add attribution where missing or remove content if requested by the content owner.}

Monday, 6 December 2010

Facebook Cartoon 'Scam'

My Opinion Mashed Quickly into my Keyboard:

Changing your FB profile pic to a Cartoon might have been...

a scam-inside a hoax-inside a small minded nonsense-

BUT it was never doing any substantial or real world harm!
Misleading? Yes! Encouraging Paedophilia? NO! A Waste of Time? Perhaps?!

BUT where those people on Facebook changed their pics & feel they contributed in some way to something tainted / unclean / misleading... PLEASE Do NOT feel that way!!! 

Instead consider this...Many people got talking about Child Abuse, Domestic Violence & other harm being cause within homes & families.
That CANNOT be a bad thing.
Some people on Facebook even posted links & videos highlighting abuse in all its forms; As well as singling out  the organisations/charities that deal with these (wrongly whispered) things.
That IS NOT a bad thing.

As with all things Internet (especially social networks) the minute it was in the digital ether it became what the groundswell(s) created & i would like to think that most of us created good....

That's why for the moment my Profile Picture on Facebook will NOT change - Good far far outweighs Bad!
Also because I'm not done shouting (highlighting) instead of whispering!

{that & I like my Hair Bear Bunch Pic very much!}

'And That's How Alex Airs It' 

Friday, 24 September 2010

ShogunGamer: Live action Pokemon movie (Full HD Trailer) [Pokemon Apokelypse]

"Last week we posted leaked footage of a supposed live live action, dark, gritty Pokemon movie. After a week of sleuthing, we finally managed to get the full story of the project. We are able to confirm there is not a Hollywood budgeted production of Pokemon happening.
Under the circumstances in which we received the footage, it was unlikely that there was actually a movie coming to a theater near you; however, the time, money and manpower needed to create a trailer of that quality left many people certain this movie was legit. Especially when you consider the utterly appalling, disgraceful and insulting anime live action films that have been released in North America.
The comments received on our YouTube post were really the best part of this story. For the past week the internet has essentially been divided into two very distinct camps since the leak. Do want, and burn it with fire."
Dunno what to make of this...
Does it soil the name & memory of Pokemon?
Or is it a Geek-Fest of a great idea & a homage to a enduring franchise?
Either way my 18yr old son & (allegedly former) Pokemon daft child fanatic loves it!
What do you think?

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