Thursday, 8 October 2009

Amazon's Kindle to launch in UK

Jeff Bezoz with Kindle
Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has unveiled the European Kindle
Amazon's Kindle e-book reader is going on sale in more than 100 countries around the world, including the UK.
The reader has been confined to the US since its launch in November 2007; Amazon expects to have sold a million of the devices by the end of the year.
The global version will run on the 3G network, although Amazon has not specified the networks that will provide connectivity for the devices.
The Kindle store will offer over 200,000 English language titles.
Hundreds of publishers are signed up including Penguin, Faber and Faber, and HarperCollins.
It will also carry more than 85 US and international newspapers and magazines.
"We have millions of customers in countries all over the world who read English-language books. Kindle enables these customers to think of a book and download it in less than 60 seconds," said Amazon founder Jeff Bezos.
Penguin chief executive John Makinson hopes it will kickstart digital book sales in Europe.
"The publishing industry is experiencing explosive growth in digital book sales in the US," he said.

Amazon Kindle
0.36 inches thick with 6in e-ink display
2GB of internal memory
QWERTY keyboard to add notes to text
Battery life "weeks on a single charge"
USB synching for people out of coverage area
The look and feel of the device will be the same as the US version with the exception of network access.
Following difficulties making the Kindle's Whispernet wireless download system work in the Europe, Amazon has decided to make downloads available via the 3G network.
This means that people wishing to download a book outside of a 3G coverage area will have to transfer content over USB.
In May of this year, Amazon unveiled a new version of its e-reader aimed at reading magazines, newspapers and documents. The Kindle DX is currently available only in the US.
The European version of the Kindle will begin shipping on October 19 with a $279 (£175) price tag.

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About time really! - Europe should have had a version sooner surely?

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Doctor Who - Introducing the Doctor Who logo 2010

Not sure like it....
But hey, I'll give it a chance....

Doctor Who - New Logo Coming Soon!


Doctor Who has engaged and amazed a global audience for over forty years, constantly raising the bar and regenerating to deliver new and compelling adventures. It’s all change again in 2010 with Matt Smith playing the Eleventh Doctor, Karen Gillan onboard as companion Amy Pond and a brilliant, brand new logo!

On one level, the logo is the iconic image that represents Doctor Who. But it’s much more than that - it becomes an icon that is recognised from Cardiff to California, an emblem of excitement, humour, scary monsters, brave companions and the Doctor! And so the new logo must be stylish, fresh, distinctive and bold. Must be. And will be. See for yourself when we reveal it exclusively, on this site at 8am (BST) on Tuesday, 6th October!


BBC - Doctor Who - New Logo Coming Soon!


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Saturday, 3 October 2009

New K9 trailer

Saw this mentioned online many months ago...

Made In Australia - only distantly connected to Doctor Who - insofar that same voice (actor from 1970's) & character name (K9)!

Looks good (for what it is - kids tv fluff) but slightly disappointing also (for what its not - connected to the Whoverse properly for a start)

We shall see how it goes - Thus far - it ain't no Doctor Who OR Sarah-Jane Adventures!

On Disney XD in UK & Network Ten in OZ sometime..

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