Saturday, 23 January 2010

365-10 #23 : "Alexr's Birthday"

365-10 #23, originally uploaded by Aldakila.

It's my eldest's Birthday - 18 years old Today...

His Last Birthday was hard

...He's been home a few months now - but still its a challange for all those who care about him...


- A xxx -

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

365-10 : First 15 Days

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1 to 15 of 365-2010 uploaded to Flickr at last!

(really must remember to upload on the day I take the photos)

Sunday, 10 January 2010

Robertson Park -365-10 #9 *edit*

Robertson Park -365 *edit*, originally uploaded by Aldakila.

Edit of 365-10 #9 with comparison of original.
didn't like tyre tracks - so & "photoshopped" them out...

Prefer it - but what do you think?

Friday, 8 January 2010

Thursday, 7 January 2010

Picture Revisit??

Snowy Renfrew Church (picnic'd), originally uploaded by Aldakila.

"Snowy, Renfrew Church"

Took this picture few weeks ago, liked it - though silly phone changed resolution to something too small!

It is my intention to take another (better?) picture sometime soon.
Hopefully whilst its still dusted 'white'

I suspect this church may feature a few times in my 365-10 project...

time will tell!

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

365 Project of 2010

I have created a 2nd Tumblr Blog just for my 365 project photos...
Have a look here & do what you will... Follow, gaze or move on is all fine by me.

365-10 = 1 Picture a day for 2010
At least that's the hope & theory!

My favourite 365-10 pictures will be still be posted to this blog ( just not every day!)

365-10 #2
"Train @ Queen Street"


oh by the way!!!
All my pictures live on Flickr first, before my 365 pics glide over to Tumblr…

So get along & have a look

Monday, 4 January 2010


You may have noticed, in the run-up to the New Year, that the number of items in the side-bar of this blog were cut back.

Well more pruning has taken place today, as I've decided to streamline what's listed there to focus more on my main web presence - such as these. This will make it easier for you (& me) to see what & where I am.

"Wonderings of Life Wanderer" will always be my main blog; most definetely will always be my '1st place' to deposit my "Wonderings" ...
BUT... sometimes I feel the urge to enthuse more on what would be considered  niche or geeky so a '2nd place' seems seems sensible for when I want to that. (until now I have decided the best policy was to keep such supersized Geek Blessays to myself, except on rare occasions)
Where that '2nd place' will live hasnt been quite finalised - I am looking at various sites outside of Blogger (where this blog you're reading lives). In fact I have been running a 2nd (stealth) version of this site elsewhere to see how easy a particular blogging site worked - unfortunately it wasnt as good as expected, particularly when attempting to remotely (indirectly) post to it.

So I guess I'm open to (free) suggestions for my '2nd place' site...
...Feel free to voice your suggestions in the usual places...

I do use many 'mini-places' already for 'mini/micro blogging' as well as 'stick there for comment later blogging' & will continue to use them. Mostly I find they inspire me in many & various ways: particularly Tumblr .
Somewhat self-indulgently, I've decided at some near future point to explain why I use some of these (not quite proper blogging) 'mini-places' sites.
Just in case someone else would find them useful & probably to justify my use of them to myself!

So at this point, I better end this rambling (I might be pruning the sidebar but not this posting particularly well - har de har) as I've said earlier - feel free to suggest sites for my 2nd place indulgence.

With my thanks for reading to this line - I end xx

Friday, 1 January 2010

Ne'er Day 2010

As promised in my posting yesterday, below is this blog's most popular post of 2009 
(Edited: original is here {with translation})...

This particular post, has been viewed more often than any other last year, not sure why.
From: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada ; Right across the world to: Tokyo, Japan. 
(stopping along the way, in Kingston, Jamaica; Tel Aviv, Israel & Delhi, India of all places!)

Even more bewilderlingly, is that fact it is the 1st post viewed by anyone this year also.

My wish for 2010 for all is blessings & prayers in what you need...

Also, of course, "Lang may yer lum reek"

"May the best ye hae ivver seen be the warst ye'll ivver see.
May the moose ne'er lea' yer girnal wi a tear-drap in its ee.
May ye aye keep hail an hertie till ye'r auld eneuch tae dee.
May ye aye juist be sae happie as A wuss ye aye tae be.

Here's to all those that I love
Here's to all those that love me.
And here's to all those that love those that I love,
And all those that love those that love me.

I drink to the health of another,
And the other I drink to is he -
In the hope that he drinks to another,
And the other he drinks to is me!

Here's to them that like us -
Them that think us swell -
And here's tae them that hate us -
Let's pray for them as well!

Here's to the heath, the hill and the heather,
The bonnet, the plaid, the kilt and the feather!

Here's to the heroes that Scotland can boast,
May their names never dee -
That's the Heilan' Man's Toast!

Here's tae us -
Wha's like us -
Damn few -
And they're a' deid -
Mairs the pity!

May the hill rise behind you,
And may the mountain be always over the crest;
And may the God that you believe in
Hold you in the palm of his hand.

Lang may yer lum reek!
Wi' ither folks coal!

May we be happy - and our enemies know it!

A guid New Year and mony may ye see.

May ye ne'er want a frien' or a dram to gie him.

When we're gaun up the hill of fortune, may we ne'er meet a frien' comin' doun!"
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