Monday, 17 August 2009

UK NHS - Breeding Ground for Terror!!


UK NHS (National Health Service) - Breeding Ground for Terror!!

What the Hell!? Fox News-TV for Morons?

Some of the “terrorists” shown were found innocent & some are even British born! Large number of foreign nationals in NHS because training in & qualifying from British Hospitals as Doctor or Nurse carries a great deal of prestige & weight throughout world! That includes US & other “friendly countries” You want to offend Allies, ALL Muslims, & create NEW enemies? Then keep creating vitriol & fuel to the fire like this propaganda-this makes USA look stupid!

ADDED: This is how you “debate” Healthcare Reform in USA?

By creating news & passing it off as truth?

By shouting at each other?

By attacking another country’s health service?

You’re not looking very smart OR intelligent in the rest of the world’s eyes America!

An online friend blogs on this & explains it so much better :

Screaming Louder – The American Health Care Debate

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