Monday, 13 July 2009

Not In My Name

"Nick Griffin and Andrew Brons take their seats in the European Parliament on Tuesday. But despite their election there was no groundswell of support. They won because turnout for the traditional political Party's collapsed - both Griffin's and Brons' vote actually dropped from the number they recieved in the 2004 European Elections.

The BNP do not represent Britain in the European Parliament.

That's why we made this video - and we need your help make sure as many people as possible see it"

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Thursday, 9 July 2009

Tumblr - Brooklyn Fare "Starbucks cup sleeves"

Saw this on ( is where mine lives)
Very Funny :-)

Love Starbucks but love the colours & humour of this...

Quote on the company here:

'The work for Brooklyn Fare is a full-on identity: packaging design, custom typeface, copywriting, even interior signage and t-shirts (in all it uses only four colors). The packaging "talks" to the consumer using a witty tone, playing on tired cliches, and we're especially fond of the coffee cup sleeves that poke fun at Starbucks, saying, "It's a medium not a grande" and "It's a small not a tall."

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Monday, 6 July 2009

Torchwood -extended Children Of Earth Preview

Extended Trailer from BBC Torchwood Site

On, in UK, Monday 6th July to Friday 10th July at 9pm: BBC1

In Other Words... Starts Tonight!!!

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Saturday, 4 July 2009

Thought 2009/10: Clear Conscience before God

This 'Scripture Tag' I saw on a website got me thinking..

In particular, thinking about the past year & my relationship with 'my church'. Which as some of you already know is far from good, in part for reasons that aren't for airing publicly (my sensible gene kicked in there).
My relationship with God, like all good relationships is ever changing & growing stronger (in a big part, thanks to my Twitter & 'online' friends)

However, I haven't been in the church building in 8 months & that's after barely missing a Sunday & almost all other church events in the previous 13+ years!

The bible quote above has hit home, more than anything else has in the past year...

My conscience before God is clear in most places & ways - but step inside 'my church' building & suddenly I feel like a fraud - so what changes?

My dilemma is summed up again by whats above - my conscience before God (when in 'corporate worship') is clouded/unsettled... because I am aware that those around me aren't right with God - their conscience isn't clear!
Many, many of those around me are going through the motions.. being polite, civil & 'doing church' - BUT under all that festers past hurts & angers -

But rather than doing the sensible thing (in my opinion) by addressing & acknowledging the, still obvious, undercurrents - it has been generally accepted (silently endorsed?) that its easier to be dishonest with ourselves & by that logic God..

So, it seems that as long as the church 'looks right' .. God will understand & accept our weekly/daily dishonesty?
My opinion is that's so twisted a logic, it falls over before it has even begun!

Ultimately, I don't have an answer to my dilemma... Still listening to God on that one.

But... still my conscience, under those circumstances isn't clear before God..

BTW: I know that 'church' is not the building, but the people joining together in worship. Also that I could go elsewhere but (fortunately/unfortunately?) God says, for the moment, my church is still where its been for the last decade & a half.


...Prayer is all I got left...

Wednesday, 1 July 2009


16mins long but worth the watching - keep with it!
Not as description says - it about sooo much more than "free parking!!"

My opinion? it shows how much a few words can carry so much power!!
In this film, its for the good but unfortunately so can a few bad/hurtful words.

So always, choose your words carefully..

Remember, a smile takes less effort than a frown...
& a good word spoken is easier than a bad word :)

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