Monday, 6 December 2010

Facebook Cartoon 'Scam'

My Opinion Mashed Quickly into my Keyboard:

Changing your FB profile pic to a Cartoon might have been...

a scam-inside a hoax-inside a small minded nonsense-

BUT it was never doing any substantial or real world harm!
Misleading? Yes! Encouraging Paedophilia? NO! A Waste of Time? Perhaps?!

BUT where those people on Facebook changed their pics & feel they contributed in some way to something tainted / unclean / misleading... PLEASE Do NOT feel that way!!! 

Instead consider this...Many people got talking about Child Abuse, Domestic Violence & other harm being cause within homes & families.
That CANNOT be a bad thing.
Some people on Facebook even posted links & videos highlighting abuse in all its forms; As well as singling out  the organisations/charities that deal with these (wrongly whispered) things.
That IS NOT a bad thing.

As with all things Internet (especially social networks) the minute it was in the digital ether it became what the groundswell(s) created & i would like to think that most of us created good....

That's why for the moment my Profile Picture on Facebook will NOT change - Good far far outweighs Bad!
Also because I'm not done shouting (highlighting) instead of whispering!

{that & I like my Hair Bear Bunch Pic very much!}

'And That's How Alex Airs It' 

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