Saturday, 26 June 2010

Doctor Who Finale ~ NO days to go!

The Finale of the 11th Doctor's 1st Series (Season) is here!! 
On BBC1 @ 6.05pm (sorry UK only)
There has been very little in the way of 'spoilers' or sneaky clips from BBC
Except this:

but just for good measure there is this:

Cant Wait!!!


This "Fan Version" of Finale Trailer is rather good!!

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Thursday, 24 June 2010

Connections: Tumblr: Glasgow

1st: Its a photo by "headphonaught" -cool!!
2nd: Love this bridge - its peaceful around it, compared to others in Glasgow
3rd: The person behind "F**kYeahGlasgow" on Tumblr is my brother & as some of you will know "headphonaught" is a good friend of mine
- so I've got a bit of a 'Pride Party' in my head & heart when they share their passions in the same space on this 'Internet thing'
Cool!!! :-))
Via Tumblr....
South Portland Street Suspension Bridge, Glasgow
via - headphonaught
This bridge was begun in 1851 and suffered a set-back during its construction.
After the masonry towers had been completed and the main suspension chains erected, the south tower split from top to bottom. The Greek triumphal arch towers now seen in the bridge were the result of a substantial re-build.
In 1870 the bridge closed for extensive repairs. The chains and deck were completely removed, the wrought iron bars forming the chains were re-headed and additional bars provided, the timber deck was replaced by wrought iron framework and the deck profile was lowered by about 7ft.
The deck and hangers were again substantially renewed in 1926. However, the masonry towers remain as originally built in 1853, and are therefore the oldest surviving elements in Glasgow’s Clyde bridges."

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Pics: June 2010 (so far)

Getting back into loving taking pics
- especially with "new" camera!
This is some of my attempts so far....

June 2010, originally uploaded by Aldakila.

June 2010...

1. River: Blue Day + Swan, 2. Sky Floss, 3. L&A relaxing in sepia {365-10 18JUN}, 4. River: Blue Day, 5. River: Blue Day, 6. River: Blue Day ~ White  Flower, 7. River: Blue Day, 8. River: Blue Day {365-10 19JUN}, 9. Reflective {365-10 16JUN}, 10. Robertson Park 16Jun, 11. Light & Dark, 12. Blue over White, 13. Robertson Park Reflective, 14. New Life #1, 15. Robertson Park 16Jun, 16. Cart River Walk, 17. Dusk #2, 18. Park Perspective Path #2 {365-10 10JUN), 19. Cricket?, 20. Cart River Walk, 21. Cart River Walk, 22. Arched Wall, 23. Cart River Walk, 24. Green & Blue, 25. Purple Flower #1 {365-10 7Jun}, 26. Row of Sheds #2, 27. Pinker, 28. Row of Sheds #1, 29. Park Perspective Path #2, 30. Cart River Walk, 31. Bank & Storm {365-10 7JUN extra}, 32. River Cart, 33. Cart River Walk, 34. Starbucks @ Home {365-10 6JUN}, 35. Cart River Walk, 36. Cart River Walk

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River: Blue Day {365-10 19JUN}

River: Blue Day {365-10 19JUN}, originally uploaded by Aldakila.

Rivers Black Cart & White Cart meet below a blue sky on way to River Clyde

L & A relaxing in sepia {365-10 18JUN}

Lauren & Alexr

Deep in Thought
Watching TV

Doctor Who Finale ~ 3 days to go!


Very Very Excited!


Oh, Really I am!

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Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Glasgow 1980 - A Film (1971)

Via tumblr:
Interesting Film (stay the distance {29mins} )
Glasgow 1980
A documentary on how Glasgow would look in the 1980’s after the redevelopment of its traffic system and the construction of new housing developments, planned in the mid ’70s.
First of what was intended to be a pair of films tracing the development of the city in the 1970’s. Filming for the sequel GLASGOW’S PROGRESS was halted in 1978 as ‘there seemed to be no end to the urban renewal in sight’.
Director: Oscar Marzaroli
Narrator: Michael Harrigan
Alex Says:
"As a Child of 1971 -: The depressing thing this film shows is that Glasgow didn’t achieve it’s full aim for “Glasgow 1980” (politics & economic greed got in the way) ; worse than that.. Many of these new areas became the slums of 80’s & 90s
So… Glasgow has torn down what was *new* in 1960/70’s to start again for a new vision of the 21st Century…
Time will Tell How That Works Out"

Reflective {365-10 16JUN}

Reflective {365-10 16JUN}, originally uploaded by Aldakila.

1st Picture I've posted on blog in a while...

Robertson Park Pond

*just love how it turned out*

AldakilaPics on Tumblr for more....
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