Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Glasgow 1980 - A Film (1971)

Via tumblr:
Interesting Film (stay the distance {29mins} )
Glasgow 1980
A documentary on how Glasgow would look in the 1980’s after the redevelopment of its traffic system and the construction of new housing developments, planned in the mid ’70s.
First of what was intended to be a pair of films tracing the development of the city in the 1970’s. Filming for the sequel GLASGOW’S PROGRESS was halted in 1978 as ‘there seemed to be no end to the urban renewal in sight’.
Director: Oscar Marzaroli
Narrator: Michael Harrigan
Alex Says:
"As a Child of 1971 -: The depressing thing this film shows is that Glasgow didn’t achieve it’s full aim for “Glasgow 1980” (politics & economic greed got in the way) ; worse than that.. Many of these new areas became the slums of 80’s & 90s
So… Glasgow has torn down what was *new* in 1960/70’s to start again for a new vision of the 21st Century…
Time will Tell How That Works Out"

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