Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Happy Birthday David

Happy 17th Birthday to my #2 Son, David!!!

17!! Jings :-)

Makes 1 of us feel older than we'd like :-o

Monday, 12 July 2010

Augmented (hyper)Reality? - No Thanks

Love this video - makes you realise how much you're already bombarded by branding everywhere you look & go


This would be very very painful!!!

Never mind impossible to focus on anything around you for more than a few seconds!

Here's hoping this never becomes an actual reality?

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Tuesday, 6 July 2010

My Boy!!! : Cadet150 Buckingham Palace Parade & Garden Party

"My son Alexander is an ACF {Army Cadet Force} cadet in the Pipes & Drums {he's a Drums part :)} Alexr is 1 of only a handful {2 or 3 I think} of ACF cadets from this part of Scotland taking part in the ACF Band!
Very proud of him {despite me being an ATC "Air Training Corps" Cadet of 8yrs - a long time ago!} 
So chuffed that the Cadet Forces of UK are getting this high profile celebration....

They do some amazing things - with some amazing people be they the Cadets or the Adult Volunteers - Can & do give confidence to face life head on ~ Never mind how fun & unique a challenge it can be!!!
So give them your support & recognition in every way possible!
*Hope to post or link to pictures in the future*"

On Tuesday 6th July, cadets and adult volunteers from around the country and from the MOD’s sponsored cadet forces will take part in the Cadet 150 Royal Review at Buckingham Palace.
Almost 1700 individuals from the MOD’s 4 cadet forces, the Combined Cadet Force, Sea Cadet Corps, Army Cadet Force and Air Training Corps will converge in the early afternoon at Horse Guards Parade and set off for Buckingham Palace. Each cadet force will be led by its own band and all followed up by a combined Pipe band.
Whilst the marching contingents are parading along the Mall, banners unfurled, the Red Arrows will make an overflight and in each plane, a cadet from one of the cadet forces will be a passenger.
Paying respects to VIP representatives of the Cadet Forces en route, the parade will march into Wellington Barracks, close to Buckingham Palace in preparation for the Garden Party at the Palace.
Around 3.30 pm, a ceremonial detachment of 400 cadets, 100 from each force, will march into Buckingham Palace to await the arrival of members of the Royal Family.
At 4.00 pm, members of the Royal Family will arrive and move through the ceremonial detachments and thence through routes lined by almost 800 cadets and adult volunteers where they will meet members of the Cadet Forces.
The event will close at 6.00 pm

Article by

Andy Johnson, Cadet150 Project Officer

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