Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Mazzy Star: Into Dust

Downloaded this song an aeon ago! (that's a while I believe)
It was free (& legal!) so.. why not?
But silly me I didn't listen to it until very recently & just wanted to say..

I love it & it connects with me on a some level that defies words...

So anyhoo (its a word!)
Here's an obligatory Youtube vid, to enable my sharing of its haunting awesomeness


Still falling 

Breathless and on again 

Inside today 
Inside me today 
Around broken in two 
Til your eyes share into dust 
Like two strangers turning into dust 
Til my hand shook with the weight of fear 
I could possibly be fading 
Or have something more to gain 
I could feel myself growing colder 
I could feel myself under your fate 
Under your fate 
It was you, breathless and torn 
I could feel my eyes turning into dust 
Into strangers, turning into dust 
Turning into dust 
Turning into dust

A xxx 

Monday, 3 May 2010

“Love the Cool Aliens”

The above quote (perhaps it’s a paraphrase) is from my #1 Son on the picture below.

He found it even ‘cooler’ once he discovered that it wasn’t just ‘nicked’ from somewhere but a collaboration by two of my online friends – find the post of original here

So Thomas (photo) & Adam (art), i’m loving it immensely. (especially as I usually rotate my desktop wallpaper very frequently)

AND high praise indeed (on the Cool Aliens) from a sometime grumpy, sleepy, incomprehensibly guttural teenager!

It’s lost souls – it’s aliens ..

it’s in the eye of the beholder ( now THAT’'S art!!)

Lost Soul Garden on Aldakila's Desktop

This is as it appears ‘in-situ’ on my desktop

Looking forward to more in the future, from these fab artists!!


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