Monday, 3 May 2010

“Love the Cool Aliens”

The above quote (perhaps it’s a paraphrase) is from my #1 Son on the picture below.

He found it even ‘cooler’ once he discovered that it wasn’t just ‘nicked’ from somewhere but a collaboration by two of my online friends – find the post of original here

So Thomas (photo) & Adam (art), i’m loving it immensely. (especially as I usually rotate my desktop wallpaper very frequently)

AND high praise indeed (on the Cool Aliens) from a sometime grumpy, sleepy, incomprehensibly guttural teenager!

It’s lost souls – it’s aliens ..

it’s in the eye of the beholder ( now THAT’'S art!!)

Lost Soul Garden on Aldakila's Desktop

This is as it appears ‘in-situ’ on my desktop

Looking forward to more in the future, from these fab artists!!


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