• GEEK! (Xbox, WoW, PC Fiddling, Sci~Fi, & alike!)
  • Life Philosopher, Amateur Psychologist & Incessant Chatter Creator
  • Probably not easy to live with 'at times'(Apparently "God Loves a Trier" & I am Trying)
  • 30 'something'
  • 3 we'ans {2 "20-Somethings &1 Teenager!} {Yeah I know!}
  • 1 Future {sometime soon I hope} '"perfect"' Wife.
FYI..(Whatever is left of my heart is in Glasgow {where I was born} & will live again one day)

"Don't take life too seriously - But be serious about your life" - Self

"If your real life friends reacted to real life changes & rumours - the way your online friends react to website changes & rumours... would you actually admit to knowing them?" -Unknown
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