Thursday, 27 November 2008

Mumbai - BBC News Channel

With situation in Mumbai in India ongoing I Thought I'd add a link to BBC News Channel Live
(As seen on UK Television)

This 2nd link is to live text updates to situation on BBC News Site

Taj Mahal Palace Hotel (partially evacuated)

My Prayers go out to all affected...

Mumbai Railway Station (evacuated)


{Pictures here to help in Prayers}

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Monday, 17 November 2008

I-Real ( not an Apple Product! )

As Seen on Top Gear (BBC TV)

Would love one of these...

Video From Geneva Car Show

They reckon it could be on sale in UK in bout 2010 for £2500 approx...

I can dream can't I?

It just seems just like a 21st Century answer to the moped/motorcycle {hey My Dad had one!} ...and no its NOT a Sinclair C5! or made by a stairlift/wheelchair company! Its made by Toyota

Cool Wall
You can search for nearest "St Arbucks" (sorry Thomas its your phrase, I know!) using the I-Real's wireless connection & THEN.. tell other I-Real users your going to be there!! (you can choose not to, but hey only geeks will get these at first so why not gather together & expound on the virtues of your I-Real!)

so... Ideally I want: Internet access (a-la mobile tech) with Flock Browser, Twitter Apps, GPS & Sat-Nav (off-road optional) ... and much more that others will think of!!!

Even Better? no bloomin Apple logo! (Just cause it got an "I" don't mean it a poisoned Apple!)

Like I said... I can dream Can't I? ...

Sunday, 16 November 2008

Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Thought for: November 12th 2008

Saw this quote online...

Richard Halverson:

“When the Greeks got the gospel, they turned it into a philosophy; when the Romans got it, they turned it into a government; when the Europeans got it, they turned it into a culture; and when the Americans got it, they turned it into a business.”

Seems very true...

Thursday, 6 November 2008

Transformers! "Robots in Disguise!"

Sorry Couldn't Resist!!

The Previous Post made me do it!
Loved this version of Transformers more than all the others!

Transformers! "Furniture in Disguise"

From: TreeHugger (Cool Name!)

"You might not guess just by looking, but, in the image above, there are two apartments, two sets of dining room furniture, six stools and a bed. Through a variety of gyrations, these objects unfold, change, and otherwise transform, creating functional furniture from previously unrecognizable, compacted boxes, cubes and other geometrical shapes -- like puzzles you get to sit on."

Good Ideas - Not so sure about the costs - Going Green can Cost lots of Green! (money, money money)
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