Monday, 17 November 2008

I-Real ( not an Apple Product! )

As Seen on Top Gear (BBC TV)

Would love one of these...

Video From Geneva Car Show

They reckon it could be on sale in UK in bout 2010 for £2500 approx...

I can dream can't I?

It just seems just like a 21st Century answer to the moped/motorcycle {hey My Dad had one!} ...and no its NOT a Sinclair C5! or made by a stairlift/wheelchair company! Its made by Toyota

Cool Wall
You can search for nearest "St Arbucks" (sorry Thomas its your phrase, I know!) using the I-Real's wireless connection & THEN.. tell other I-Real users your going to be there!! (you can choose not to, but hey only geeks will get these at first so why not gather together & expound on the virtues of your I-Real!)

so... Ideally I want: Internet access (a-la mobile tech) with Flock Browser, Twitter Apps, GPS & Sat-Nav (off-road optional) ... and much more that others will think of!!!

Even Better? no bloomin Apple logo! (Just cause it got an "I" don't mean it a poisoned Apple!)

Like I said... I can dream Can't I? ...

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