Monday, 22 March 2010

Digital Economy Bill (AKA Extreme Web Laws) - Proper Scrutiny & Debate?

I have emailed friends & family on this, I have tweeted links about this... 
for those who haven't seen or heard of 'DEB', I thought I'd share an e-mail that I received today in this blog:

"Dear Alexander,
Together we're building the pressure on the Government not to rush through the Digital Economy Bill. 11,000 of us have now written to our MPs opposing the Government's plans to force it through as a "fast track" bill before the election. 

We're making the case that proposals to give the government far-reaching powers to cut people's internet connections and restrict public wifi need proper scrutiny and debate. There are signs that MPs and the media have noticed our opposition and are starting to listen. [1]

We need to prove to MPs that public opposition to these plans being rushed through is overwhelming. The more of us that write to our MP this week, the more chance we have of winning.

Please help. Forward this email and ask your friends to tell their MP why they're worried about rushing the Digital Economy Bill into law. They just have to click here to get started, it takes just two minutes:

In just a few weeks MPs are hoping we'll vote for them in the General Election. That gives us an opportunity to persuade them not to force through these draconian new internet laws - if we can convince them it's unpopular, they'll think twice about doing it just before they have to face their voters.
Opposition is growing. Web giants like Google, Yahoo, BT and TalkTalk oppose the plans. So do consumer groups, civil rights groups and digital freedom groups. A people-powered avalanche of emails could just be enough to stop the government from forcing these measures into law.

Please click forward now and ask your friends to tell their MP why rushing through draconian internet laws is wrong. They just need to click on this link to get started:

Thanks for getting involved,

Johnny, David, Hannah, Nina and the 38 Degrees Team"


 As Thomas (aka @Headphonaught) says in his recent blog on this:

"If you live in the UK... please... please... PLEASE... go to and write to your MP urging them to stop the Government... OUR Government... from rushing the bill through.

It took me less than 2 minutes."
Please, please do - this legislation is flawed & needs to be stopped & looked at properly AFTER the election at the very least!

{ Perhaps...
Tell your MP: 
They wont have your vote if they dont oppose this NONSENSE!
That it's time for them to prove that they are not "members of a posh gentelemans club"!! ~ But that they are "Members of Parliament" ~ Elected by their constituents to represent the will & rights of those people who put them in Parliament ~ AND ABOVE ALL ELSE... listen to the people first & at all times; NOT the lobbyists or big business (the BPI & alike) & absolutely not the disconnected, chattering political classes ~ the 60Million people in this United Kingdom far outnumber all of them!
(that will at least make them sit up & take notice) }

Thanks for reading my rant

A xxx

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