Monday, 4 January 2010


You may have noticed, in the run-up to the New Year, that the number of items in the side-bar of this blog were cut back.

Well more pruning has taken place today, as I've decided to streamline what's listed there to focus more on my main web presence - such as these. This will make it easier for you (& me) to see what & where I am.

"Wonderings of Life Wanderer" will always be my main blog; most definetely will always be my '1st place' to deposit my "Wonderings" ...
BUT... sometimes I feel the urge to enthuse more on what would be considered  niche or geeky so a '2nd place' seems seems sensible for when I want to that. (until now I have decided the best policy was to keep such supersized Geek Blessays to myself, except on rare occasions)
Where that '2nd place' will live hasnt been quite finalised - I am looking at various sites outside of Blogger (where this blog you're reading lives). In fact I have been running a 2nd (stealth) version of this site elsewhere to see how easy a particular blogging site worked - unfortunately it wasnt as good as expected, particularly when attempting to remotely (indirectly) post to it.

So I guess I'm open to (free) suggestions for my '2nd place' site...
...Feel free to voice your suggestions in the usual places...

I do use many 'mini-places' already for 'mini/micro blogging' as well as 'stick there for comment later blogging' & will continue to use them. Mostly I find they inspire me in many & various ways: particularly Tumblr .
Somewhat self-indulgently, I've decided at some near future point to explain why I use some of these (not quite proper blogging) 'mini-places' sites.
Just in case someone else would find them useful & probably to justify my use of them to myself!

So at this point, I better end this rambling (I might be pruning the sidebar but not this posting particularly well - har de har) as I've said earlier - feel free to suggest sites for my 2nd place indulgence.

With my thanks for reading to this line - I end xx

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