Thursday, 19 June 2008

In my post back on 2nd June I said I would comment on the photos I posted.

Well I've decided I'm not going to say anything really about the 'Blood & Fire' Flag photo - other than, it's a close up of a portion of our Erskine Salvation Army Corps Flag. To comment as I intended doesn't seem so appropriate as it did.
But feel free to comment instead.

The Second photo of an 'Empty Hall' is of Erskine Corps with the partition wall open, showing both the "Worship Hall" (to the front) & the "Small Hall" (to the rear).
Although I know the reality of this photo (as I took it) it struck me afterwards (& even now a year later) that it says so many things on numerous levels!

Does This Photo say? -
  • wishful thinking?
  • the raw reality of a Christian church in the 21st Century?
  • a challenge for those Christians that do go here?
  • if you build it they will come? (probably not!?)
  • God saying I'm Here - Where are You?
I could go on (& almost did!) But I wont; I'm sure you could come up with more of your own - please do.

I don't have the answers, only the questions - perhaps that's how it should be?
I would suggest that the answers lies within all of us - But only if we're hearing them (seeking them) from God?

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