Friday, 22 August 2008

Flocking Firefox!

Do Lots of "Social Networking"?

Not using Flock? But using Firefox?

Then is this the add-on for you?

'Snowl' "conversations redelivered" -retrieve :
  • email
  • RSS
  • Instant Messaging
  • Twitter
  • social networking site Alerts!
in 1 Addon!

From Firefox Addons Page:

" Could the web browser help you follow and participate in online discussions?

Snowl is an experiment to answer that question. It's a prototype Firefox extension that integrates messaging into the browser.

The initial prototype supports two sources of messages: RSS/Atom feeds and Twitter.

And it exposes two interfaces for reading them: a traditional three-pane "list" view, targeted to active reading of important
messages; and a "river of news" view, based on the concept popularized by Dave Winer, designed for casual browsing. "

Works with:
Firefox:3.0 – 3.1a2pre

(Though Personally I'd Just use Flock! Especially once Flock 2.0 is released)

{Flock 2.0 = All the Benefits & Security of Firefox 3.0 with all the Social Networking Tweeks & Simplicity of Flock!}

Anyway... :-)

I'm certain as Snowl is updated & grows beyond prototype, it will become more beneficial for Firefox Users not wanting to 'Flock' to another browser?!

Get Snowl Here

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