Sunday, 13 September 2009

Proms in the Park - Glasgow Fireworks

YouTube - Proms in the Park - Glasgow Fireworks

Have probably posted this everywhere I exist on "Intertubes", so apologies if you've seen it already ...

Otherwise, Here it is on my blog!! :0)

Was a most excellent night, (mostly)... (it was Glasgow on a Saturday Night remember!) Loved spending time with brothers & mum.
But especially with my, not so little, daughter, without any of her brothers, disturbing her "stand up act" (she has fab sense of humour & had us laughing at her comments & observations :-) )

Good Times


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  1. Lovely dry weather even if it did get a bit colder after nine - the moral is to wrap up accordingly! Enjoyed a wonderful night with the family and friends - great event - entertainment fantastic as was the audience -gets busier and better every year - Picnic on the Green we certainly know how to do that! Well Done Glasgow!
    Christine Thomson


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