Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Happy Ne'erday

Its Hogmanay!!!

So Happy Ne'erday when it comes...

(Don't really see the point to New Year Celebrations - never really been all that comfortable with the logic of it even as a very young child - always seems maudlin & a feeble excuse to get drunk)

But still - I'll not spoil what is for some is a fab excuse for a big party / small family gathering or whatever life brings you...

Glasgow Hogmanay 2007/8 (Runrig just after 'the bells')

Edinburgh Hogmanay 2007/8 (Fireworks across city)

Some Fab Hogmanay TV from my Childhood...
(for Salvationists - the last 30/40seconds are very funny)

Though, finally I offer up, right now, prayers for those who want or need Gods Comfort & Grace, in whatever situation or 'celebration' you find yourself the Holy Spirit & God's blanket of love will surround you & warm you. You are never alone - God's there walking beside you & me

"Lang may yer lum reek"

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