Friday, 12 December 2008

Teenage Assistance - Toaster!!

Nice Shiny New Toaster!!


My #2 son, some days, eats toast like there is no tomorrow!
But unfortunately he frequently 'claimed' not to like (or know how) to use the cooker's grill... so this dad (maybe foolishly) kept making toast (cause it was easier - Ha!).
It was a (stupid?) battleground with #2 son at times {"he was lazy!" ; "why couldn't he help?" ; but really he was, sometimes, so unsure of himself doing something most of us probably consider 2nd nature}

Old (very old!) toaster bit the bullet, some time ago, & so have soldiered on foolishly making toast etc...
Decided short while back it was perhaps time to get a new toaster. But the 'resurrected geek' in me wanted something a little different (but 'little different' costs money)
So thanks to a Christmas Sale, few days ago, what you see above was bought for half-price!
Might seem strange to be telling this story - but - instantly my son has started using it! With ZERO encouragement! As a parent its the little things that bring the smiles & 'warm heart' feelings.

And so my dad-side & my geek-side are happy.

Shiny New Toaster!
(just 1 observation - it's enormous! Will have to rearrange kitchen around toaster to fit it in properly!)

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  1. I'm impressed with the toaster very shiny!! my toaster was my grandmothers so it's about 20 years old!!!


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