Friday, 24 October 2008

Blessay - Messy Word or Geeky Evolution?

Came across this word online (when I started looking at Stephen Fry's Website) .. "Blessay" ... I'm sure many of you will have heard or read this word long, long ago? I however hadn't & just thought it was way cool!

It allows for something that only the English Language (of whatever flavour you digest-Scottish, Queens English, American et al..) can provide; evolution of 'New Words' in a way no other language can. Argue all you like but its true & you wont change my mind - cause it’s true (and I'm right!)

But also from a 'Geeky Blogger' point of view it makes an excuse for those bloggers who desire to be more than just a short, sharp, succinct message provider/regurgitater (Ooh is that me?).

Blessay's allow for what then?
How about, an excuse to live in the misbegotten belief that all you say is important (you're the ultimate online journalist)... rambling ever on & on, expounding all that is right with the world can only be created by whatever new theory/hypothesis your spleen just vented...

Probably, for some it does and is.. So, fair enough, for them.

However... it also allows for a 'heads up' near the top of a blog (at least that's what you the reader, at that point, thinks it is) A warning that '..what we are about to receive..' is a bigger portion than normal. Now, I believe, that will only work if the portion (if you will) has been marinated in the manner which all 'Blessay
Writers' apparently should...

Be well prepared i.e. written away from the blog-posting page in your browser! (though not necessarily well written) Also in that preparation should be, most likely a modicum of checked facts (your Auntie Jean, Bryan down the pub or probably isn't enough) But most fundamentally important, it seems, is that it must be 'thoughtfully composed'

What does that mean? ... mmm ... I guess it means that you must take the Blessay's subject matter seriously (have some emotional attachment / take ownership of your words; that seems to be 1 plan) Though taking it seriously doesn't mean that you can't be witty, insightful & such.

Does that make these big portion blogs only for the intelligent (I use that term loosely), QI watching (knows all the answers), Radio 4 listening, Guardian reading, upper classes? What? With their private education, vowel stressed voice & ruling class mentality, only they can write the world's Blessays - I think not... Just because they know (and understand) the dictionary definition of 'irony' better than the allegedly simple 'offside rule' (YUK) doesn’t make them the sole proprietor of Blessay town! Oh No! Nay! I beg to differ!

As long as your 'Supersized' blog is on a subject you’re enthused, excited, enticed, and eager to plant in the garden of the InterWeb - then go for it!

But be prepared more than most to: defend you facts with confidence; eat your words with humility; and everything that comes with a reasonably well researched (another loosely applied term), honestly-passionately composed Brain-burp (it just had to come out of you!)

Perhaps more importantly, all 'Blessays' should be something that has enlightened you more in the course of its construction. That Blessay has also hopefully by internet osmosis enlightened others in whatever way it should. (No matter YOUR intention)

I should end this (probable) rambling before it turns into a Blessay of my own making!?

I'm not clear on where exactly the trigger point is, that makes it one?

"Till Next Time, Watch The Skies" or something...

FYI (all links - well...most this blog are not endorsed by me or reasonably & logically connected to anything useful)

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