Friday, 31 October 2008

Quick Halloween Thought

As Christians should we be marking Halloween?

....its a complicated one..
I remember looong discussion with my Officers (Salvation Army ministers) few years ago (they were English & very anti-Halloween {as per American traditions that have filtered over here}-reason why i saying that will become obvious)

I explained to them:
In Scotland "Guising" has long been a tradition dating back over 200yrs & comes with very different
traditions than modern Halloween (which has it origins more in spirits & dark tales) Also 'Guisers' could also be found out & about on New Years Eve (Hogmany in Scotland) so it almost totally not about Hallow's Eve at all!


"Guising" was about children having fun & spending time with family & close friends (your neighbours mostly) I remember it being just that as a child...

I think if churches & christian families emphasise the fun & family side (Guising?) and don't show it as anything else (Halloween?) then children shouldn't need to feel their faith is excluding them from having fun!?
Not sure ministers totally agreed (but saw that many Scottish people saw it as something different from "Halloween" - All Hallow's Eve...)

WE had a "Light Party" instead that year - not sure that sent any obvious message to kids (except perhaps, as 1 of mine said at time, {they were early primary age} "if you're a Christian & go to church, Halloween is evil & we can't have fun!)"

Nuff said perhaps?

OOH sorry I ranted :-)

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