Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Jesus Liberation Template

Following on from my Blog "Essential Word on The Street" & the buzz I got from listening to the audiobook read by the author Rob Lacey. I wanted to find a excerpt to just show how much of a passionate revolutionary he was, but in absence of that I found this video of him reading a section from his book. (I think it certainly portrays his passion! As well as his bravery! If only most Christians were like him?!)

This 2nd video is a short interview Rob Lacey gave after The Street Bible (now The Word on The Street) was published. It gives just a small insight to his motivation & life story (including his battle with cancer, which he eventually lost in 2006).

As someone has said (probably many times) 'your story & my story are important' on helping everyone on their christian journey.
Its certainly part of the 'Jesus Revolution Template' of living & sharing your faith.

Which, I believe, Rob Lacey did exactly as God had intended....

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