Friday, 17 October 2008

New Blog Template

Giving Blogger/Blogspot a makeover with a new Template...

Not sure I like it? ...
There are too few templates to choose from & don't like most of them.

But want to persevere little longer..

[though am considering changing blog completely over over to my (still under sloooow construction) 'viviti' pages or trying 'wordpress']

.. not too sure why more flexibility & aesthetics are important but they are?

Original plan (plans-Ha!) was more Christian Blog here (on Blogger/Blogspot) & more General Life Blog/Site elsewhere (on viviti) - Though you can't (well I cant!) completely separate the two!

Time will tell... Feel free to give your thoughts of any kind
(you know where & how to find me ... No? Look to the side of blog - there's a fair few to choose from!)

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