Friday, 17 October 2008


BBC News

From BBC News Site:

"When Tommie Smith and John Carlos gave a gloved Black Power salute on the Olympic podium in October 1968 it sent a shockwave through sport. But what happened to the other man on the platform?"

I Think -
What happened is probably less about the "Olympic Ideals" & more about the "Olympic Corporate Image" (yes even in 1968!) - what initially drew me to read the news story was the third man, Peter Norman was 'a Salvo' (as they call members of the Salvation Army in Australia) ; But also because it seemed to me that this was a perfect example of 'The victor writes the history'.
In this case Australian Government (of even today) & International Olympic Committee (of the past & possibly still today)..

But please read it for yourself - draw your own conclusions....

{I'll need to watch out for "Salute" on TV or somewhere.}

The film has an official blog here

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